New Kids On The Block at Gaba

December 7, 2011 at 4:43 am 1 comment

This Monday, December 5th 2011, the final change took place and Gaba is now a subsidiary of Nichii Gakkan. Oddly enough, this is almost exactly 5 years after Gaba went public, back on December 1st 2006. The former CEO Kenji Kamiyama is gone, replaced by Bruce Anderson, and there have been some changes publicized by Gaba in a press release. The Japanese comes from the press release, the translation is mine. The English biographical information comes from the Financial Times website:



Appointment of directors and auditors

当社は、平成23年12月5日開催の臨時株主総会および総会後に開催された取締役会において、新たに 取締役および監査役が選任され就任致しました。

At its board meeting held after the extraordinary general meeting held on December 5th 2011 the following were appointed:


The directors and auditors are as follows.

代表取締役副社長  増田 崇之(新任)

Representative director, Vice President: Takayuki Masuda

46 years old, Mr. Takayuki Masuda has been serving as Managing Director and Chief Director of Education Business in NICHII GAKKAN COMPANY since April 2011. He joined the Company in July 1999 and served as Manager of Business Planning in Main Business Planning Unit. He has been a company officer since 2008.

取締役 (管理部門担当) 青柳 大介 (新任)

Board member(administration) : Daisuke Aoyagi

Was already executive officer in charge of administration.

取締役(人事部門担当) 工藤 美穂子(新任)

Board member (personnel) : Mihoko Kudou

Was already executive officer in charge of personnel

取締役(社外) 寺田 明彦(新任)

Board member (outside the company) Akihiko Terada

Mr. Akihiko Terada has been serving as Chairman of the Board and Representative Director in NICHII GAKKAN COMPANY, as well as Chairman of the Board in a subsidiary and President and Representative Director in other two subsidiaries, since May 2010. He is also working for other companeis. He established the Company in August 1973 and served as President.

取締役(社外) 寺田 剛(新任)

Board member (outside) : Tsuyoshi Terada

38 years old, Mr. Tsuyoshi Terada has been serving as Director of International Business and Director in NICHII GAKKAN COMPANY since October 1, 2011. He joined the Company in May 2003 and used to serve as Director of Public Relations, Chief Director of Public Relations and Director of International Business.

取締役(社外) 森 信介(新任)

Board member (outside) : Nobusuke Mori

47 years old. Mr. Shinsuke Mori has been serving as Senior Managing Director and Chief Director of Business Planning of NICHII GAKKAN COMPANY since April 2011. He joined the Company in March 1998. His previous titles include Chief Director of Public Relation, Manager of President’s Office, Manager of Public Relations Office, Chief Director of Business Planning, Manager of Business Planning Office and Executive Officer in the Company.

常勤監査役(社外) 矢野 俊彦(新任)

Auditor: Toshihiko Yano

監査役(社外) 加藤 勝也

Auditor: Katsuya Kato

監査役(社外) 粟田 正廣

Auditor: Masahiro Awata/Awada

監査役(社外) 大石 豊(新任)

Auditor: Tomi(?) Yutaka(?) Oishi

監査役(社外) 乙丸 秀次(新任)

Auditor: Hidetsugu(?) Shuji(?) Otoma


It seems like there are a number of new faces. Bruce Anderson, Daisuke Aoyagi, and Mihiko Kudou seem to be the only people left over from the previous regime, the rest seem to be either from Nichii Gakkan or bought in by them. This isn’t surprising, but it does make me wonder what changes are on the horizon.


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  December 7, 2011 at 6:58 am

    Thats all very interesting, but I doubt these new kids on the board will be any different to the old lot.


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